Our technicians offer the following specials:

Honey Pearl Pedicure – $45

Add some luxury to your day with this sweet scent that restores skin’s natural beauty. Natures energy booster, honey contains natural anti-inflammatory compounds that help repair and nourish the skin.

Green Tea & Aloe Vera Pedicure – $45

Promote detoxification while providing skin moisture rich protection. Chill out while enjoying the green tea and also fragrance with a hint of floral bouquet.

Lavender Eruption Pedicure – $45

Reduce anxiety and emotional stress with a fragrance that you will love. Lavender has always been a favorite.

Gold CBD Pedicure – $45

This rich scented bath is going to make your feet soft and smooth. The CBD will help with aches and pains.

Rose Gold CBD Pedicure – $45

Shimmering rose gold sugar scrub enhances your skin’s natural glow. Boosts skin with moisture and a luxurious rose perfume. Also contain CBD, which can relieve some of the aches and pains residing in your feet and ankles.

Milk & Honey Pedicure – $55

Helps to revitalize and condition the foot for spa pedicure treatments. Enhanced with soothing oils and conditioners that open the pores on the surface of the skin, allowing for a nurturing pedicure experience.