Nail Services

J&W Nails Salon and Spa aims to serve the active lifestyle of beautiful women of all shapes, sizes, and preferences. Our wide array of luxury beauty products are at your disposal, and our technicians are at your disposal in order to make your salon experience one to remember. Be sure to check our website frequently for special offers, discounts, and coupons, as our way of showing our appreciation towards our most loyal customers.

Dip In Powder – $40

Dip In Powder Extension – $45

Dip In Powder Pink & White – $50

Acrylic Full Set – $30

Acrylic Fill In – $25

Gel Ex – $60

Gel Full Set – $45

Gel Fill – $40

Ombre Color Full Set – $55


Our technicians offer the following specials:

Honey Pearl Pedicure – $45

Add some luxury to your day with this sweet scent that restores skin’s natural beauty. Natures energy booster, honey contains natural anti-inflammatory compounds that help repair and nourish the skin.

Green Tea & Aloe Vera Pedicure – $45

Promote detoxification while providing skin moisture rich protection. Chill out while enjoying the green tea and also fragrance with a hint of floral bouquet.

Lavender Eruption Pedicure – $45

Reduce anxiety and emotional stress with a fragrance that you will love. Lavender has always been a favorite.

Gold CBD Pedicure – $45

This rich scented bath is going to make your feet soft and smooth. The CBD will help with aches and pains.

Rose Gold CBD Pedicure – $45

Shimmering rose gold sugar scrub enhances your skin’s natural glow. Boosts skin with moisture and a luxurious rose perfume. Also contain CBD, which can relieve some of the aches and pains residing in your feet and ankles.

Milk & Honey Pedicure – $55

Helps to revitalize and condition the foot for spa pedicure treatments. Enhanced with soothing oils and conditioners that open the pores on the surface of the skin, allowing for a nurturing pedicure experience.


In order to honor our most loyal customers, we have included the following packages for your next visit. We appreciate your continued business, and look forward to continuing to serve your spa and salon needs!

Regular Pedicure & Regular Manicure – $40

Regular Pedicure & No Chip Manicure – $60

Honey Pearl Pedicure & Regular Manicure – $60

Green Tea & Aloe Vera Pedicure & Regular Manicure – $60

Lavender Eruption Pedicure & Regular Manicure – $60

Milk & Honey Pedicure & Regular Manicure – $70

No Chip Pedicure & No Chip Manicure – $70


Our exquisite spa manicure and pedicure services soothe the soul while beautifying the body. Our skin exfoliation and hydrating massages are applied up to the elbow. Special care is paid to the cuticles and any dry abrasive skin is removed.  The process continues with a variety of premium quality moisturizers and treatments to seal in moisture for softer hands. Nails are polished to perfection and applied with precision and masterful artistry.

Regular Manicure – $15

No-Chip Manicure – $35

Honey Pearl Manicure – $25

Lavender Eruption Manicure – $25

Green Tea & Aloe Vera Manicure – $25

Hand Polish Change – $8


Honor your feet with our ‘Signature’ pedicure. Begin by relaxing your feet in an aromatherapy soak designed to relax your soles. After soaking, our technician cuts and shapes your toenails according to your preferences. Special attention is paid to the cuticles, and all tough, dry, and dead skin is removed. Your legs and feet are exfoliated with our premium line of beauty products, then deeply moisturized and finished with a hot steam towel treatment. The experience continues with a massage that stimulates and softens your tired and stressed feet, and finished with your choice of a wide variety of polishes.

Regular Pedicure – $27

No-Chip Spa Pedicure – $40

Honey Pearl Pedicure – $45

Lavender Eruption Pedicure – $45

Green Tea & Aloe Vera Pedicure – $45

Milk & Honey Pedicure – $55

Feet Polish Change – $10